The Story

BSL Group stands out as a highly capable firm specialising in comprehensive outsourcing services, offering an extensive range of solutions spanning HR outsourcing, training, and supply chain management.

Dedicated Support for Local and Global Organisations

Our focus at BSL Group is centred on supporting both local enterprises and global organisations operating in Qatar and the UK. We are committed to aiding them in executing their projects and day-to-day operations seamlessly. Through unwavering reliability, even in challenging circumstances, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in every endeavour.

Empowering Businesses through BSL People

Under the umbrella of BSL People, we provide a suite of HR outsourcing services, encompassing Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) and Personnel Employment Outsourcing (PEO). These services empower our clients to channel their focus into core business activities while entrusting us with their HR needs. Our pride lies in delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions that streamline operations and contribute significantly to achieving their objectives. Join us at BSL Group for exceptional outsourcing solutions tailored to drive your business towards success.

A Unique Qatar Business with International Aspirations

What sets us apart is our unique joint venture structure, uniting the expertise and professionalism of the esteemed multinational defence and security giant, BAE Systems, with the rich local knowledge and experience specific to Qatar. Our roots in supporting extensive defence projects have laid a solid foundation, establishing a legacy of excellence and quality that directly benefits our clientele.

BSL has already expanded to the UK and is exploring further opportunities in international markets.