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BSL Group stands out as a distinguished firm specialising in comprehensive outsourcing services, offering an extensive range of solutions spanning HR outsourcing, training, and supply chain management.

Our Story

“BSL delivers outstanding solutions, empowers human capital, and fosters innovation for a prosperous future. We uphold the highest standards, provide world-class services, and contribute to Qatar's National Vision 2030.”

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Falah Bin Jasim Al Thani Chairman- BSL

Our core values in action

Our core values in action


This is the cornerstone of progress and understanding. It empowers us to innovate, solve problems, and navigate complexities. With knowledge, we at BSL can make informed decisions, appreciate diverse perspectives, and contribute meaningfully.


Agility stands as a pivotal BSL value, allowing us to swiftly respond and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. It enables us to promote a culture of flexibility, innovation, and resilience, empowering BSL to pivot strategies, seize emerging opportunities, and navigate uncertainties effectively.


Trust is a cherished value at BSL because it forms the bedrock of our relationships, endeavours, and successes we achieve, fostering transparency, reliability, and collaboration.


Decency is a fundamental BSL value that underpins respect, care, integrity and ethical conduct within the organisation. It sets the tone for how BSL interacts, fostering a culture of inclusivity, fairness, and empathy. Embracing decency in all aspects of what we do creates a supportive and respectful environment, where diverse perspectives are valued, and individual differences are celebrated.

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As a Joint Venture with a distinctive pedigree, we at BSL are empowered to deliver world-class solutions and unparalleled support to our valued customers.

At our core, we are a leading provider of HR Outsourcing Services, Training, and Supply Chain Management Solutions.

Qatar has stood out as a thriving and prosperous market over the past decades and continues to hold a prominent position within the GCC.

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BSL is the trading name of BAE Systems Strategic Aerospace Services All and was established in May 2019